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September 15, 2016
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Is Credit Repair Worth It?

Well, we are a credit repair company; so of course, we think it’s worth it.

But ask yourself:  What’s bad credit costing you?

You may be turned down for a job due to bad credit.  It doesn’t matter that you might be a highly qualified employee; an ethical employee; even  a dutiful employee.  For some jobs, bad credit means you just never have the opportunity to prove your potential to a given employer.

Maybe you have some of the entrepreneurial spirit which allows people from all walks of life to get ahead in our great country. With bad credit, you can’t even get a small loan to show the world your great idea!

You may be turned down for a home mortgage or a rental.  You might be an ideal tenant, but the bugbear of bad credit holds you back.

If you can qualify for a car loan, sometimes it’s with an outrageous interest rate—and on top of that, you might be “settling” for a car you don’t really want!

With bad credit, there’s a lot that you just can’t do.  You can’t get the credit card for a vacation, an approval for this item or that item; sometimes you can’t even treat yourself or someone you care about to something nice.

It’s like being a toddler again, where all you hear is “No.”

So, at Intuitive Credit Repair, yes, we have a vested interest in repairing your credit; but we think you’ll agree with us…it’s worth it!

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