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September 10, 2016
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Credit Repair Inland Empire:

Intuitive Credit Repair (ICR) is a California credit repair company, currently based in the inland empire credit repair, which works to provide its clients credit repair within the confines of current, consumer friendly legal statutes. We also serve clients nationwide:  Boston, Chicago, Houston,  Las Vegas, Miami, New York.

Items appearing on credit reports are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA),  a series of regulatory items which govern what may or may not be reported on one’s credit report and to what extent such reporting is permitted.   The truth of the matter is the following:  the credit bureaus do not always follow the law — but if their errors are not pointed out to them, they are rarely, if ever, corrected.  As a California credit repair company, we challenge the bureaus to comply with the law; or, in failing to do so, to delete the questionable items.  This is the key to re-building your credit which has been damaged.

There are millions of consumers — many millions, in fact, who have substantial errors on their credit reports (meaning:  they have items on their reports which 1. do not belong there and 2. hurt them precisely because they do not belong there).  In such instances, their scores do not accurately demonstrate what their credit files should really look like.

The Inland Empire:

Intuitive Credit Repair is based in the inland empire region of southern California.  We understand the particular circumstances which make this area of California unique.  During the housing debacle of the late 2000’s, for instance, the Inland Empire was hit particularly hard, and though things have, as of this writing (2017), improved to some extent, many people in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, hard working as they are, are no longer home owners and still suffer from the deleterious economic and psychological effects of financial and credit loss of some sort.

Qualifying for a Mortgage, Auto Loan, etc.

Inland empire credit repair clients are almost invariably brought to our attention because they want to qualify for something, as in a mortgage; or they may wish to get a better auto loan rate on a refinance (or buy a car).  Others want to position themselves to qualify for employment position where one’s credit history needs to be satisfactory.  

It is rare that people go to a credit repair just for the sake of “fixing their credit”, noble as that sentiment might be.  There is almost always some goal –some objective that they have in mind.

We understand this and work with you to achieve your goals.

While housing prices are comparatively lower in the Inland Empire vis-a-vis other parts of southern California, still they are substantially higher than the nationwide average.  But,in a sense, who cares?  If you live in the inland empire and wish to purchase a home here, you want to qualify for a mortgage, period!  This is your chosen home.  Our credit repair company will do its best, using legal methods, to repair your credit.

Real Results:

We’ll let this section speak for itself:  CREDIT REPAIR SUCCESS


To determine how best to go about the repair of your credit, our Credit Specialist will need a copy of your credit report.  Our recommended source, for $1.00 for the first week is:


IdentityIQ will give you access to your 3-bureau credit report and score (we hasten to add:  the score provided is not a FICO score; still it is a good barometer of your credit standing).  You will provide a copy of that report to our office, or access to your login information which will allow us to analyze your reports.

And whether or not you choose to use our credit repair agency (or any company), credit monitoring is a must nowadays, even if you have perfect credit!

We offer you two ways to proceed with the credit repair process:

We offer our clients a choice in how they wish to proceed in the credit repair process.  To be perfect honest, for the majority of our clients, credit repair using the cheaper method is sufficient. However, we are perhaps unique in that we offer an online method (which is a combination of online disputation and the more traditional methods of disputes) for a higher price.  The difference is primarily the fact that results are sometimes achieved more quickly because mail times are eliminated (not entirely, because it is a combination of online and traditional disputing).

You can learn more by reading  about our 2 simple pricing structures:  Pricing

Is Credit Repair Legal?

You bet it is.  The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) states that you have the right to challenge inaccurate, unverifiable, or untimely items on your credit report; the bureaus have 30 days in which to respond, and if the information can’t be verified, the item must be deleted from your report.

Now, when it comes to credit repair, there is nothing that we can do for you that you can’t do for yourselves; however, our speciality is, in fact, repairing credit.  It’s what we do.

But the same rule that applies to repairing credit on your own also applies to car repair, plumbing, and contracting:  You can do it yourself, if you know how; if you have the time, energy, tools, resources, and the wherewithal (not to mention, patience!).

In all likelihood, though, you take the time to research and hire those persons or companies whose specialty involves doing those things day in and day out.

It’s no different with credit repair.  At Intuitive Credit Repair, our focus is in our name.

Sign up for credit repair with Intuitive Credit Repair today!  Also, call us at 949-751-8495.

We are located at:  

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